About us

Our why

Created by and for entrepreneurs, RuHUB.de is a non for profit initiative with a purpose of helping Russian & CIS startups to settle in Germany and succeed on a European market. We are a network, a community & a connection point for tech founders, investors, accelerators and other organizations interested in Russia & CIS region.

Why we do it

In 2016 we did it ourselves: startup which was based in Saint-Petersburg, expanded to Europe. After going through all challenges of moving Russia based startup, including numerous M&A and due diligences, we felt a need of sharing this experience with others and helping them accelerate this process. Our ultimate goal is to increase a number of successful tech ventures founded by Russians & CIS in Germany by creating a support system for entrepreneurs and building a bridge between startups and venture capital market.

Our ultimate goal is to increase a number of successful tech ventures founded by Russians & CIS in Germany by creating a support system for entrepreneurs and building a bridge between startups and venture capital market.

What we do

We grow community of tech entrepreneurs from Russia & CIS region who managed to expand their business to Germany or are planning to do so. We host networking meetups and larger events both for our members and a wider startup community in Germany.

What we do

We have been growing an online community of tech startups and others related to it on facebook. You can join +300 members here:

We have been searching for startups founded by entrepreneurs from Russia & CIS region with a goal of helping them to grow and fundraise as well as creating a unique environment in which they can support each other. If you are a founder and you are based in Germany, please, fill in the survey and we will contact you immediately:

We built value-based partnerships with organizations supporting entrepreneurs and connect Russian & CIS startups with interested investors and accelerators.

What we do

For Accelerators & Incubators: Based on a wide network of startup founders we built, we match them based on the needed industry and/or stage.

We build awareness of their programs and projects among our entrepreneurs to whom it is relevant.For partnerships, approach us on partner@ruhub.de

For Business Angels & Investors: We do startup scouting and make valuable connections with startup founders based on the investors needs For partnerships, approach us on partner@ruhub.de.

We support startups expanding to European market by giving access to right resources and practical knowledge based only on the real experience.

What we do

We have gathered resources about German entrepreneurship ecosystem for startups to settle there which you can find here here


Kirill Tiufanov

Founder of RuHUB.de

I founded an AdTech startup that being based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, managed to succeed in Europe and the US. After successful exit I moved to Berlin, Germany to proceed with the product development and growth under a new brand. Experience of moving Russia based startup to Europe, going through several international M&As, dozens of Due Diligences, made me think that there are other CIS startups living the same. I really wanted to bring value to more people and be able to help others succeed on this market. Besides I missed people with the same mentality who would understand my culture. All that led me to create what is called today RuHUB.de.

Manana Papiashvili

Operations & Community of RuHUB.de

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, for 6 years I had worked in a largest global youth-led non for profit organization AIESEC where I held different roles including leading national operations in Russia and managing international congress with +1000 participant from +110 countries. In 2013 I started working for a financial consulting firm in Mexico city, leading marketing & communications area of international business center. Later I moved to a Colombian Caribbean coast, where I have founded Impact Hub Barranquilla, globally connected entrepreneurship & social innovation center that supports early stage impact driven entrepreneurs. I have joined RuHUB.de because of my passion towards entrepreneurship and collaborative communities, and this project unites these two elements together.